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View on The PON+EoC Solution

October18, 2022

EoC+PON Solution


SOFTEL EOM series EoC local side equipment (also known as "CBAT") is the active EoC equipment that design and develop based on digital modulation-demodulation technology. This CBAT equipment realized bidirectional transformation on the basis of original HFC network, realized the broadband data access. Make full use of existing HFC network copper cable resources; simultaneously transmit television and data signals on one coaxial cable. Achieve a bidirectional user coverage no need other line transformation but access duplex filter in parallel at the place of one-way amplifier to bridge.    



This CBAT equipment support existing tree and star CATV network. Have advantages such as long distance transmission, good network adaptability and high bandwidth. It is the first choice to develop digital TV network of radio and television system.
The main features of CBAT equipment as follows: 
-High speed: Adopt high-speed multi-carrier modulation technique, physical layer rate up to 700Mbps.
-Strong anti-interference ability: OFDM modulation, multi-carrier technology ensures stable data transmission in the noise environment.
-High security: Adopt 128 bit DES data encryption; effectively protect the data transmission security.
-Strong network adaptability: Adopt standard interface, signal can transparently transmit to amplifier, tap etc equipment, and realize fast installation and debugging.
-Long transmission distance: The maximum attenuation distance of the coaxial network no less than 500m.
-Provide 220V AC and 60V AC two power input interface.
-Rich service application types: Support EoC link multicast monitor, multicast manage the whole EoC network. Support service priorities distinction based on IP-TOS, ensure the time-sensitive application of VOD and VoIP. Support VLAN (802.1Q) standard, ensure privacy requirements.
-Strong network management function: Support WEN9000 network management platform centralized management function. Provide support for the effective and stable operational network.                              

Equipment Safety Precautions

In order to ensure the normal operation and increase the service life, please take the following precautions:
-Placed the device in a dry and well-ventilated place.
-Ensure the worktable is strong enough to support the equipment and accessories
-Leave enough space (more than 10cm) around the equipment for heat dissipation.
-Ensure a clean working environment. Too much dust will result in electrostatic adsorption, which affects equipment life and may cause communication failure.
-This device can't share earthing device with electrical equipment or lighting protection equipment, should keep away as far as possible.
-Equipment working place should far away from high power radio transmitting station, radar transmitting station and high frequency large current equipment.
-TV IN and TV+DATA OUT two interfaces are charged, please take good insulated protective measures when operating.    


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