Hangzhou Softel Optic Co., Ltd (Brand:SOFTEL) was established in 2005, which Located in the HangZhou Hi-Tech Development Zone. Taking advantage of the modern broadcast and optic fiber communication technology, we are specializing in R&D of CATV system equipment, and leading manufacturer of HFC broadband Optic Transmission equipment with strong R&D capability in this field.

We have more than 100 staff in which 10% of senior technicians. It has more than 1, 000 square meters standards production assembling line, we have strict QC procedure, each unit of our products will go through 3 layer QC procedure, material checking before production, stability and performance testing after production, packing checking before delivery.

Currently, we supplying to numerous agents, integrated dealers and equipment producers all over the world, most of our products move to South America, Russia and north European countries.

Through keen international business competition in good faith, all of our staffs feel big accomplishment & work under heavy responsibility. In addition, we are much proud of providing our invaluable customers with our high quality, high reliability, high efficiency, competitive products.

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