•  1. What is the name of your factory and where is it located?

    Answer: Our factory name is China Softel Network Communications Co., Ltd. located at Binkang Road, Binjiang District, Hangzhou, China

  •  2. Are you the true manufacturer who manufactures the products from raw materials?

    Answer: Yes, we are a professional FTTH Network and Digital TV Products manufacturer.

  •  3. How many workers does your factory employ?

    Answer: There are over 50 people in our workshop, including Production line workers, workshop workers, assembly workers, etc.

  •  4. How many production lines do you have?

    Answer: There are five product assembly lines and two product aging lines.

  •  5. How many product categories do you have?

    Answer: We have three product Categories: XPON Network Headend and Terminals, Fiber Optical Cables, and FTTH Passive Accessories.

  •  6. Can we visit your factory in the future to meet you in person and walk the factory floor?

    Answer: Surely. You are always welcome.

  •  7. What months are your factory's busy peak seasons?

    Answer: The second quarter and the fourth quarter.

  •  8. What about the lead time?

    Answer: Usually, if there's stock, we ship the goods within 3~5 working days after the deposit is confirmed. If it is out of stock, the lead time depends.

  •  9. How about the shipping details?

    Answer: When the package is small, we normally choose FedEx, DHL, TNT, UPS, and so on, while the goods have high weight and volume, we suggest using air or sea shipment.

  •  10. How can I place an order?

    (1) Negotiation is agreed upon for the product price and specifications.
    (2) The Proforma invoice will be sent for confirmation.
    (3) After the agreement on the proforma invoice, the customer makes the deposit.
    (4) Manufacturing will be started as soon as the payment is confirmed by our bank.
    (5) Ship out the goods within the agreed delivery deadline.

  •  11. Can you do OEM for us?

    Answer: Yes. If there is a certain order quantity, we can do OEM including printing, logo, and customized model for you.

  •  12. What is your MOQ?

    Answer: Because our company produces a variety of products, the minimum order quantity varies accordingly. Different products are affected by raw material reserves, product value, production cycle, order progress, and inventory. The minimum order quantity of some products is 1 piece, while the minimum order quantity of some products may exceed 1,000 pieces. Please ask our salesman in detail to get the latest and most accurate information.

  •  13. How about the Warranty?

    Answer: There are 12 months for the warranty. While the warranty is not responsible for those broken by violence or updated with other brands.

  •  14. Are you able to handle urgent orders or larger orders more quickly?

    Answer: Answer: Yes, we can.

  •  15. Do you have product standards or certificates for any countries?

    Answer: We have ETL, and DLC in North America, and CE, ROHS, and ENEC in Europe.

  •  16. Which countries does your company currently export products to?

    Answer: To be honest, Softel has worked with more than 2,000 clients around the world for 16 years. Customers cover at least 80 countries on seven continents, and the main partners are from the United States, Chile, Argentina, Germany, France, Mexico, Italy, Malaysia, the Philippines, Indonesia, Japan, Vietnam, Dominica Republic, Poland, etc.

  •  17. Who are your main customers?

    Answer: Vodafone, Telefonica, Huawei, ZTE, Sumitomo, HIKVISION, DiSat, etc.

  •  18.Do you supply your products to any well-known telecommunication operator in the world?

    Answer: Yes, such as Vodafone, America Móvil, Mediacom, etc.

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