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Whats Google Fiber
Update:7/23/2014 5:44:01 PM
Google Fiber is Google's fiber-to-the-premises service in the United States, providing broadband internet and television to a small and slowly growing number of locations. The service was first introduced to Kansas City, Kansas, and is being rolled out to Kansas City, Missouri, with plans for expansion to several other Kansas City area suburbs, as well as Austin, Texas, and Provo, Utah. In February 2014, Google announced they had chosen another 34 cities as candidates for future expansion.

Google Fiber offers three options. There's a free broadband internet option, a 1Gbit/s internet option, and an option including television service (in addition to the 1 Gbit/s internet). The internet service includes one terabyte of Google Drive service; the television service includes a two terabyte DVR recorder in addition to the Google Drive. The DVR can record up to eight live television shows simultaneously. The television options also include a Nexus 7 tablet that will act as a remote control for the system. In addition, television service will also stream live program content on iPad and Android tablet computers. All these three options are based on high speed fiber optic network, and as well as high performance optical line terminals, swith and severs.

In order to avoid underground cabling complexity for the last mile, Google Fiber relies on aggregators dubbed Google Fiber Huts.

From these Google Fiber Huts, the fiber cables travel along utility poles into neighborhoods and homes, which could higher internet bandwidth than FTTx.

First City Selecetion Process are as follows:

-The initial location was chosen following a competitive selection process. Over 1,100 communities applied to be the first recipient of the service. Google originally stated that they would announce the winner or winners by the end of 2010; however, in mid-December, Google pushed back the announcement to "early 2011" due to the number of applications.

The request form was simple, and, some have argued, too straightforward. This led to various attention-getting behaviors by those hoping to have their town selected. Some examples are given below:

-Baton Rouge supporters remade the song "Give a Little Bit" by Roger Hodgson to "Give a Gigabit".
-Greenville, South Carolina utilized 1,000 of their citizens and glow sticks to create "The World's First and Largest People-Powered -Google Chain." From an aerial view, the title "Google" was colorfully visible.
-Topeka, Kansas temporarily renamed itself "Google"
-A small plane bearing a banner reading “Will Google Play in Peoria, IL?” flew over the Google campus in Mountain View, California.
-The mayor of Duluth, Minnesota jokingly proclaimed that every first-born child will be named either Google Fiber or Googlette Fiber.
-The city of Rancho Cucamonga, California dubbed their city, "Rancho Googlemonga".
-One of the islands in Sarasota, Florida was temporarily renamed "Google Island".
-Municipalities and citizens have also uploaded YouTube videos to support their bids. Some examples:

-A YouTube video in support of Sarasota, Florida used the Bobby McFerrin song Don't Worry, Be Happy! A video for Sarasota was uploaded through Facebook’s video service.

In 2011, Google launched a trial in a residential community of Palo Alto, California. On March 30 of the same year, Kansas City, Kansas was selected as the first city to receive Google Fiber. In 2013, Austin, TX and Provo, UT were announced as expansion cities for Google Fiber on April 9 and 17 respectively.

Similiar to Google Fiber, Softel has deployed and exported FTTH facilities throughout some cities in developing and undevelped countries with more to come online as more of the state's communities pre-register homeowners to get the service.

Softel has turned its develpment direction to triple play solution after 2010, and had supplied amounts of Optic Equipments, accessories, and services to those telecommunication supplier and operator, and had won high admiration. Especially, Softel has been specializing in the study and development of FTTx solution, and made great achievements.