• 5~200Mhz 4 way Return Path Optical Receiver
  • Model Number: SR804R
  • Brand: SOFTEL
  • MOQ: 1 PCS

Quick Detail:

●Brand Name: Softel
●Model Number: SR804R
●Item Name: SR804R Four-way Return Path Optical Receiver
●Frequency Range: 5~200Mhz
●Optical Input Range: -15~-3
●Wavelength: 1310, 1550 dual window
●Connector Type: FC/APC, SC/APC or Customized
●Fiber Type: Single mode
●Optical Return Loss: ≥55dB
●Power Voltage: AC(150~265)V
●Optic Node Dimension: 483(L)x282(W)x44(H)
●LED display in front panel: At customers requirement


SR804R is an special equipment developed for CATV HFC two-way BMAN for uplink; It is mainly used to receive reverse transmission of TV image signal, telephone voice signal and data (or compressed data) signal. Automatic power control circuit and high performance multistage band pass filter are used to improve SNR of back channel and ensure the stable RF output level, so the reliability of CATV HFC network uplink is improved. 4 independent optical receiving unit that independently receive,amplify and monitor and with independently adjustable output level are used in 19?1Ustanderdrack; This reasonably structured receiver with high integration density is easy to install and debug.

●PHILIPS or E-O detector who’s receiving optical power threshold is low and line SNR is high with low noise and high sensitivity for optical is selected.
●Microwave low-noise tube push-pull circuit with low power consumption, small noise figure, high output level, good nonlinear index is used for RF amplifier circuit.
●The multistage high-performance high-pass filter is added to suppress noise below 25MHZ and raise uplink NPR indexes efficaciously.
●Advanced automatic power control circuit is added to make it easier to debug uplink. When the input optical power is varied from 0dBm to 8dBm, the RF output level is constant reversely.
●As a maximum,4 independent optical receiver module in the 19”1U standard rack; Each optical receiver module receives and amplifies independently.
●Backup data communications interface, it is convenient to connect with network management responder, connecting with network management system.


Items Unit Technical Parameters
Optical Input Range dBm -15-3
Nominal Wavelength nm 1310, 1550 dual window
Optical Fiber Connect or Type   FC/APCSC/APC
Optical  Return  Loss dB 45
Frequency Range MHz 565/200
Output Level dBV ≥90Receive-8dBm
Link Flatness dB ±1.5
Return Loss dB ≥16
Output Impedance Ω 75
Output Voltage Regulation Range dB 20
RF Test Port dB -20
RF Output Level Stability dB ±1.5-25℃ +55℃
Noise Power Ratio Dynamic Range   ≥15NPR≥30 dB ≥10NPR≥30 dB
transmitter with DFB laser transmitter with FP laser
Supply Voltage V AC 220V±10%50Hzor DC48V
Power Consumption W 25
Operating Temperature 0  45
Relative Humidity % Maximum95%No Condensation
Dimension mm 483LX 282WX 44H
1. link flatness” and “dynamic range of noise power ratio” are link indexes of uplink optical transmitter 
and uplink optical receiver.
2. Output level will change because of the different RF excited power and signal modulation system of 
uplink optical transmitter. So the indexes of output level included above are for your reference only.