• SFT3505 DVB-T SFN Adapter
  • Model Number: SFT3505
  • Brand: SOFTEL
  • MOQ: 1PCS


SFT3505 DVB-T SFN Adapter can periodically produce and insert the MIP database in the MPEG TS which can synchronize all SFN transmitter signals. Furthermore, the two input and output interface can be used as two independent adapters, and it can also be configured as two backup modes. Besides, it can automatically adjust the TS bit-rate according to the TPS. Its high integration and cost effective design makes this device widely used in the digital TV SFN.
Quick Detail:

Fully compatible with TS—101191 standard
Supports DVB-T and DVB-H mode,including hierarchical Modulation mode
Supports 5、6、7、8MHz bandwidth
ASI interface auto-change and bit-rate auto-adaptation
Non-hierarchical ASI backup output, HP and LP output
Supports the hierarchical mode and MIP input




 MPEG—TS input  2 ASI input, EN50083 ASI interface standard
   In the non-hierarchical modulation mode,2 ASI backup input
   In the hierarchical Modulation mode: supports HP and LP input
   Supports 188 NON-RS code and 204 RS code
   Supports bit-rate auto-adaptation and PCR
   BNC connector,impedance 75Ω


MPEG—TS output          

 In the non-hierarchical modulation mode,output 2 same TS and supports MIP Insertion
  In the hierarchical Modulation mode, supports MIP insertion of 2 TS (HP and LP)
  Supports 188 NON-RS code and 204 RS code
   BNC connector,impedance 75Ω
  Supports 5、6、7、8MHz bandwidth
  The adjust range of the network delay time is 0~1s


 Control and monitor Panel Monitor 
  WEB page control


 Clock synchronization  High accuracy internal clock(TCXO)
   Internal 10MHz clock:0.5ppm
   External 10MHz reference input:-5~+10dBm
   Interface type: BNC, 50Ω impedance
   External 1pps reference input
   Reference power level: TTL level, 5KΩ impedance
   Reference minimum pulse width: 1µs
   Calculate and all information of the inserting MIP


 General  Power voltage  AC90—260V 50/60Hz
   Power consumption  30W
   Working temperature  -10~50℃
   Storage condition  -10~70℃
   Dimension  high:318mm wide:483mm deep:44mm(1U)
   Weight  5kg