• SFT3403 DVB-S2X modulator
  • Model Number: SFT3403 DVB-S2X modulator
  • Brand: softel
  • MOQ: 1

SOFTEL SFT3403 is a high-performance modulator developed according to DVB-S2X (EN302 307-2) standard which is the standard of third generation of the European broadband satellite telecommunication. It is to convert the input ASI and IP signals alternatively into digital DVB-S/S2/S2X RF output. BISS scrambling mode is inserted to this DVB-S2X modulator, which helps to safely distribute your programs. It is easy to reach local and remote control with NMS software and LCD in the front panel. With its high cost-effective design, SOFTELSFT3403 DVB-S2X modulator is wildly used for broadcasting, interactive services, news gathering and other broadband satellite applications.

 Fully complying with DVB-S (EN300 421), DVB-S2 (EN302 307-1) and DVB-S2X (EN 302 307-2) standard
 4 ASI inputs supporting hot backup (3 for backup)
 Support IP (100M) signal input
 QPSK, 8PSK, 16APSK, 32APSK, 8PSK-L, 16APSK-L, 32APSK-L Constellations
 Support RF CID setting
 Constant temperature crystal oscillator, as high as 0.1ppm stability
 Support coupling 10Mhz clock output through RF output port
 Support 24V power output through RF output port
 Support BISS scrambling
 Support local and remote control with SNMP or Web-server NMS
 Support SFN TS (with MIP or IIP) transmission