• FTTX-PT-F8 Installation Manual
  • Model Number: FTTX-PT-F8 Installation Manual
  • Brand: softel
  • MOQ: 1


· Mechanical seal: good sealing, can repeat use. Protective level: IP65.

· Laying: outdoor wall-mounting and pole-mounting.

· Product Features:

1. FTTH products, passive optical points wiring special terminal box;

2. The box body to scroll type structure, it has the function of guard against theft, large capacity function complete, easy to use;

3. Can meet the following Ф 12 cable into, and can meet the figure 8 or Φ 3 cable protective in splice connection;

4. Can be installed 1:8 SC or 1:16 LC Mini- splitter;

5. LC biggest for 16 core, SC biggest for 8 core.