• SHP400 DTV Head-end Processor
  • Model Number: SHP400 DTV Head-end Processor
  • Brand: SOFTEL
  • MOQ: 1

Intended Audience

This user manual has been written to help people who have to use, to integrate and to install
the product. Some chapters require some prerequisite knowledge in electronics and especially
in broadcast technologies and standards.


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1.1 Outline 

SFT400 DTV head-end processor is the new generation of intelligent headend processing equipment.
This 1-U case comes with 6 independent module slots. Each module can be configured individually based
on the applications including encoding, decoding, trans-coding, multiplexing, descrambling and modulating
processing and the combination of all these functions. It supports multiple input and output interfaces and
signal formats. With its powerful performance and low cost, SFT400 is especially adequate for the new
generation CATV system.

1.2 Features

- Support Web management, Updates via web 

- Support flexible combination of different type of modules

- Support up to 6 modules

- Redundancy power supply (optional)

- Support 1 ASI output (MPTS2)

- Support 2 GE output, 512 SPTS (UDP, RTSP/RTP) output from GE1, 8 MPTS (UDP,RTP) output from GE2,
Unicast/Multicast, RJ45/SFP interface

- Support Web management, Updates via web