• SFT3542H  Encoder Modulator
  • SFT3542H  Encoder Modulator

SFT3542H Encoder Modulator

Model Number : SFT3542H Encoder Modulator

Brand : SOFTEL

MOQ : 1

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Product Overview

SFT3542H24 in 1 encoder modulator is SOFTEL’s newest devices which integrate encoding, multiplexing,
scrambling and DVB-C/T modulation. It supports 24 CVBS input, one DVB-C tuner input and 128 IP input
with Data1 (GE) and Data2 (FE) port. It also support DVB-C/T RF out with 4 adjacent carries (50MHz~960MHz),
and support Data1 (GE) output port to support 4 MPTS out. This full function device makes it ideal for small
CATV head end system, and it’s a smart choice for hotel TV system, entertainment system in sports bar,
hospital, apartment…

 Key Features

· 24 A/V inputs with MPEG2 encoding, 1DVB-C tuner input

· 128 IP input over UDP and RTP protocol

· MPEG1 Layer II, AC3(2.0) Audio encoding and support audio gain adjustment

· 4 groups multiplexing, 4 groups scrambling and 4 DVB-C RF carriers out

· 4 groups multiplexing and 4 DVB-T RF carriers out (Optional)

· Support IP (MPTS only, DATA1 port only) output over UDP and RTP

· Support “Null PKT Filter” function

· Excellent RF output performance index, MER≥40dB

· Support PID remapping

· Support accurate PCR adjusting

· Support PSI/SI editing and inserting

· Control via web management, and easy updates via web

· Lowest cost per channel, breakthrough price

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