• SFT3503A IP Gateway
  • SFT3503A IP Gateway

SFT3503A IP Gateway

Model Number : SFT3503A IP Gateway

Brand : SOFTEL

MOQ : 1

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Product Overview

SFT3503A Bidirectional IP Gateway is a head-end interface device which is used for DVB and Ethernet.
It can be used both for a receiver and a lancers! On one hand, in the lancers part, this machine can be
used for sending IP stream, turning the TS stream into IP Stream. On the other hand, in the receive part;
this machine can be used for receiving IP stream, turning the IP stream into TS stream.

Key Features

- Two-way operation, IP Stream is 80.000Mbps

- Support PCR adjusting

- Transparent transmission without ATM adapting process, directly mapping IP frame, through the network, with 100Mbps interface to transmission

- Alarm display

- IP frame structure, complies ITU G. 752, ITU-T G.804 standard

- IP signal physical interface complies ITU-TG.703 standard

- Support TS packet 204/188 self-adaption

- LCD/Key board or Web page based NMS management


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