• SFT3508F IPTV Gateway
  • SFT3508F IPTV Gateway

SFT3508F IPTV Gateway

Model Number : SFT3508F IPTV Gateway

Brand : SOFTEL

MOQ : 1

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1.1 Outline 

SOFTEL SFT3508F IPTV Gateway is a device which is used for the protocol conversion scenarios
and streaming media distribution scenarios. It can convert the broadcast network IP stream over HTTP,
 UDP, RTP, RTSP and HLS and TS file into HTTP, UDP, HLS and RTMP protocol. The system can achieve
the integration by receiving a variety of commercial streaming media services. Also, the system can provide
streaming media services directly.

1.2 Features

-8 Data ports:

First Data port: IP out over HTTP, UDP (SPTS), HLS and RTMP

Data CH1-7 ports: IP in over HTTP, UDP (SPTS), RTP (SPTS), RTSP and HLS

IP out over HTTP, HLS and RTMP (Unicast)

-Support TS files uploading through Web management

-Support IP anti- jitter function

-Support adding scrolling caption, welcome words, boot image and boot video (this function is only
applicable to IP out application and the STB/Android TV must be installed SOFTEL IPTV APK)

-Support downloading SOFTEL IPTV APK directly from this device   

-Support about 80 HD/SD programs (Bitrate:2Mbps) When HTTP/RTP/RTSP/HLS is converted into UDP
 (Multicast),the actual application shall prevail, and suggest maximum 80% CPU utilization

-Support program playing with APK downloaded android STB and TV, maximum 150 terminals 

-Control via web-based NMS management through DATA port

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