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SFT-IPSR33 is a 2RU rack-mount IPTV streamer server. It is optimal for small and medium internet service

providers to initial setup in large network.


1. Support all kinds of IP protocol
2. Support MPTS/SPTS
3. Support UDP and HLS
4. Support Set Top Box management
5. Support Subtitles and teletext
6. Support theme customization
7. Support channel list management
8. Support channel list management


1. Read all safety and operating instructions before you operate the modulator
2. Retain all safety and operating instructions for future reference
3. Heed all warnings on the modulator and in the safety and operating instructions
4. Follow all installation, operating and use instructions.
5. Unplug the modulator from the AC power outlet before cleaning. Use only a damp cloth for cleaning the
exterior of the modulator
6. Do not use accessories or attachments not recommended by us, as they may cause hazards, and will void
the warranty
7. Do not operate the modulator in high-humidity areas, or expose it to water or moisture.
8. Do not place the modulator on an unstable cart, bracket or table. The modulator may fall, causing serious
personal injury and damage to the modulator. Install the modulator only in a mounting rack designed for 19”
rack-mounted equipment.
9. Do not block or cover slots and openings in the modulator. These are provided for ventilation and protection
from overheating. Never place the modulator near or over a radiator or heat register.
10. We strongly recommend using an outlet that contains surge suppression or ground fault protection. For added
protection during a lightning storm, or when the modulator is left unattended for long periods of time, unplug it
form the wall outlet or PDU and disconnect the lines between the modulator and its source. This will prevent
damage caused by lightning or power line surges.
11. Do not overload wall outlets or extension cords, as this can result in a risk of fire or electrical shock.
12. Never insert objects of any kind into the modulator through openings o, as the objects may touch dangerous
voltage and will void the warranty. Refer all servicing to authorized service personnel.
13. Unplug the modulator from the wall outlet or PDU and refer servicing to authorized service personnel
whenever the following occurs:
※The power supply cord or plug is damaged
※ Liquid has been spoiled or objects have fallen into modulator
※ The modulator has been exposed to rain or water
※ The modulator has been dropped or the chassis has been damaged
※ The modulator exhibits a distinct change in performance
14. When replacement parts are required, ensure that the service technician uses replacement parts specified by
us. Unauthorized substitutions may damage the modulator or cause electrical shock or fire, and will void the

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